A Short Story of Capitalism Today and Tomorrow.

Hi @asemakula, thanks for sharing your article and welcome to the community :slight_smile: Seems like a highly relevant and important topic! How do you think it overlaps with the stuff we talk about here? (Hint: take a look at this article if you haven’t already: https://www.etherean.org/community/meta/2019/08/24/welcome-to-the-new-etherean-org.html)


I am working on a project that seeks to redirect the tools of capitalism (corporate personhood, innovation, competition, advertising, branding) to flourish planet and society as they do businesses/corporations. The premise is that like businesses, planet and society are investors in value creation not externalities.

Poverty, climate change, inequality, conflict, etc. – these aren’t the problems rather symptoms of our unidirectional monetisation system that coordinates billions of us to handover wealth, power and control to a handful. Through business schools, sales funnels, technology, investment, media, research – every day we innovate to optimise for wealth concentration while increasing the financing deficit for social and environmental flourishing.

Our wealth concentration obsession is entrenched in the flawed narrative that wealth is exclusively created by businesses. This blind certainty to privately own full profits from shared value creation entitles planet/society little, if any wealth – this sustains the social/environmental finance deficit.

The correct narrative is, wealth is the product of businesses innovating to extract planet ’s resources using the ‘ global society ’s knowledge and cooperation under governments’ fertile environment.

It features a tool to divert money to planet and society right at the counter as do businesses to themselves, an advertising model to decentralize capitalism, wealth and resources. Such a decentralised economy needs a decentralised currency with its principles.

Impact Advertisers will need low-cost value transfer as they route traffic to merchants, or even better a totally new value-based tokenized web-traffic model. Eg when a consumer is sent from the impact website, a token is created, updated when she/he orders and pays, and also when the merchant, social cause, and advertiser instantly receive the agreed percentages of the sale.

Merchants and suppliers and others within the value-chain will increasingly find it cheaper to use the base currency. As more consumers virally join the system for their daily purchases because of its instant connection to social/environmental causes they care about, they will also find it convenient, cheaper and efficient to use the base currency.

Existing and new crypto services in banking, lending, insurance and others will be highly boosted by the influx of millennials and gen-z or the 99% thirsty to make a social difference. These crypto services can now also offer an instant percentage to social/environmental causes per user transaction to attract more users.

This means this new impact advertising model will be a divine trojan horse for not only a decentralized economy and but also crypto.