A Web3 bill of rights


This is an idea I’ve been tooling around with for a while. It’s primordial, but I’d love to share it and hear your feedback. I think, as a community, we should produce a Web3 Bill of Rights so that we have a statement of shared values and intent - heavily inspired by the Cypherpunk’s Manifesto, the Crypto Anarchist Manifesto, and the Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. The right not to be censored.
  2. The right not to be tracked.
  3. The right to own one’s own data, to move it or remove it. This data cannot be altered without one’s consent.
  4. The right to self-sovereign identity.
  5. The right to transact freely with anyone at any time.
  6. The right to see and modify the code.
  7. The right to compose apps and libraries.
  8. The right to create, edit, and run apps at any time, permissionlessly.
  9. The right to access the network affordably.
  10. The right to have one’s data and transactions included at the same preference and likelihood as someone else paying the same price. (No front-running, no selfish mining. Basically, “net neutrality.”)
  11. The right to strong, end to end encryption.
  12. The right to immutability of the ledger. (is this desirable? universal? misleading?)
  13. The right to be fairly compensated for my data and for my contribution to the network.
  14. The right to own part of the network and exercise a proportional governance role over it.
  15. The right to know if another account is human or machine.
  16. The right to know the provenance of data and whether it is human or machine generated.
  17. The right to fork (i.e., take a snapshot of the entire network and exit peacefully).
  18. The right to filter, i.e., to filter out unwanted or unsolicited inbound messages.
  19. The right to go offline.
  20. The right to participate in consensus formation with a suitable stake, on the same terms as all other validators.

It’s here if you want to propose a change: https://github.com/lrettig/web3-bill-of-rights.

Cypherpunk vs. Etherean?
Ethereans at ETH Denver?

Oh there it is, nice. I’ll fork :wink:


Very interesting concepts - I am particularly excited by the possibilities of 8 (right to create/edit/run apps), but that makes sense as it fits in with the decentralized app vision for Ethereum. However, I think a few will need some work to make them balance well. For example, how does the right not to be censored, and the related concept of transacting freely, balance against the right to filter? If I decide to filter out, then I am refusing to transact, and could also be seen as censoring that entity. I’m not sure there is the right to filter in such systems. Returning to the decentralized apps, and the vision that everyone will be equal partakers and contributors to this distributed framework, how can I refuse to run someone’s app?

As a side note - how does 3 (right to remove data) balance with 12 (immutability)?

Finally - I can see the intent behind the human/machine rights, but even if we could define exactly what is a human and a machine account, how could it be enforced?