Article: Evolving Web3 Infrastructure, Governance (And Maybe Even Religion)


I thought folks here might enjoy this article as much as I did. It’s about a recent panel on Web3 infrastructure at Aracon, but the author also covers governance, draws an interesting parallel to the history of religion, and suggests that we need input from more professionals in Ethereum governance.


thanks for posting. Going to be giving a read after work


Great article. I don’t consider myself a particularly religious person, but I can certainly see a parallel with the history of religion and some of the rumblings starting to occur in this space.

Even in the future, as technology has more of an impact on our health. And could potentially allow for us to live much longer, or obtain higher degrees of consciousness, technology could start to become a very faithful and religious tool. And the arguments and thoughts surrounding the governance of those tools are not going to stem from some evolution of politics, but perhaps something much much deeper.