Being Etherean means giving opportunities we have, to the less privileged

What do you wanna accomplish in context of this [community/movement/…]?

I want to derive a goal from the sovereign individual (book summary & discussion podcast). Since its on the reading list, it may be a good common ground to meet on.

The book sums up a personal freedoms created by technology.

While I can see myself in a lot of the books predictions, many people won’t. There are many who are not as privileged as me to be free in travelling to ~170 countries visa-free, having access to a stable currency, getting free education, etc.

So with being part of this community, I am aiming to give these people the tools to have the same opportunity as me, to become sovereign individuals.

This is not about building completely new tools, apps etc. Web3 simply is optimized for resiliency. Web3 can give access to tools we already got, to people who are “under attack”. It can decrease inequality of opportunity for the most “attacked”/oppressed/underprivileged.

What do you think?
What are your goals?
What does being Etherean mean to you?