Common token models

For Part VII of the Key Ingredients series, which is on Economics, I’m discussing different, common token models including:

  • work tokens
  • utility tokens
  • governance tokens
  • security tokens
  • hybrid tokens (which combine features of multiple of these)

Have I missed any major ones?


Personal tokens, community tokens, or does this fall under work/utility/hybrid?

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Personal tokens is a great example! I didn’t think of that one. They definitely have some things in common with utility tokens (if, e.g., the issuer offers a service in exchange for the token) or maybe even security tokens (if the issuer were to offer a share of future revenue, though I haven’t seen this done yet), but I do think it belongs in a class of its own. Thanks :slight_smile:

What’s a community token?

Was reading about it from Jamie but didn’t get a chance to dive deep into the paper

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Also related to community tokens I believe but perhaps a bit broader

Cool community! Very active and looks quite values-aligned. Thanks for sharing.