Cryptoeconomic governance models

Related to Common token models, I’m also thinking about cryptoeconomic governance models, primarily of the on-chain variety. The most common model seems to be that there is a governance token - e.g., Maker’s MKR token, one of the first such examples - and that holders of this token get to vote at predefined times to tweak system parameters. There’s also the non-binding voting model, like Aragon’s ANT. Polkadot has on-chain governance that does more complex things, but ultimately it’s still DOT holders voting in a similar fashion to MKR and ANT, right? Are the other interesting token-based governance models out there? I’m particularly interested in ones that aren’t one-token, one-vote. (Of course there are interesting things you can do with quadratic voting and with the sort of time-locking that Polkadot does, but this is still basically one token one vote.)