Ethereans at EthCC


I’ve confirmed that I’ll be at EthCC so I’d love to host an Etherean meetup there. Three questions:

  1. Who else will be at EthCC?
  2. When do you prefer to do it?
  3. Who wants to speak or share something? (Could be an idea, an article, a piece of work, anything related to the community)

EthMagicians is doing a Council of Paris on Monday, Mar. 4 and EthCC runs Mar. 5-7. I’m leaning towards the evening of March 4 or 5.


I would love to join. Anything other than the dates you mentioned works for me :slight_smile:


You mean any time other than the evening of March 4 or 5? Okay.


I’m both on the Council and ETHCC later, anything works for me I guess, no other plans for now.