Ethereans at RadicalXChange Detroit?

Hi guys,
anyone joining?
I’ll arrive Thursday evening, leave Sunday night,
any chance to meet some of you in Detroit this weekend? :slight_smile:


I’ll be there with my girlfriend and I know some other people joining from ConsenSys too.
Would be glad to meet up.

btw are you joining for the movie night and/or game night?

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I’m going to be there, around from Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday night. Will be joining both the movie and game nights!

Looking forward to seeing folks :slight_smile:

Happy to join onto or help with something more formal, @lane mentioned they used kickback at ethcc

This is a great idea, I’d love to see something happen in Detroit. I’m arriving tomorrow as well. It sounds like it would have to be Thurs or Fri evenings, or else maybe a Sunday breakfast. All okay for me.

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Really looking forward to touching base / meeting some of you in Detroit as well.


Hi guys, sorry for a longer response, I was fighting a food poisoning thanks to AirFrance plane food :slight_smile:

I know it is a kind of a long shot now, but what about having a beer/coffee somewhere around CCS tomorrow evening?

I see a window in between the Closing Keynote and the Game Night (if someone would like to join that).

Otherwise we could use an opportunity on Sunday afternoon after the conference.

Let me know!

cc @Shayan @krisj @lane @auryn

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I’m definitely in whenever it works best for the most people! Happy to group up near CCS tomorrow or regroup on Sunday morning.

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Works for me :slight_smile: Also down to grab a quick dinner if you guys are interested.

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Absolutely. Dinner it is! Let’s unite in the back of GM Auditory after the last speech :slight_smile:


We’re headed here if anyone else wants to join! Northern Lights Lounge
660 W Baltimore St, Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 873-1739

Posting a couple photos from last night’s dinner!