Hello, new world!

How are all my fellow Ethereans coping in this new world? How’s everyone handling virus-induced lockdown and being cooped up at home? What does all of this mean for the Etherean vision of the world?

I feel nervous about the future, but I feel good about finding a way to help make it bright. I’ve co-founded a company that is trying to make it easier for people/teams to collaborate online by using some of what’s been learned from video games to make it fun and enjoyable. This is just a prototype, but here if you’d like to visit: http://ayanarra.com

So far, it has nothing to do with Ethereum, but it will eventually–some kind of in-game assets that can be owned by people and not our server, as well as potential for in-game currency. I’m also looking at different ways to bring online identity into the game (Sovrin, etc.)

I hope you’re doing well and finding positive ways to channel your energy as well. Thanks for checking in!

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Very cool! I just checked it out, I see some errors, is it online right now? Have you had a chance to play around with Decentraland? (https://decentraland.org/) How would you say the vision is similar or different?

Yes! I think there are definitely some similarities, although we’re focused more on building a place where teams can work than we are focused on a space where people can buy land. Still, I think both are breaking exciting “new ground” so to speak! :slight_smile:

BTW, we have since changed our name from Ayanarra to Relm. You can visit the new world at https://relm.us/relm

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I like the sound of that. I’m pretty skeptical about projects that are based primarily on ownership - at least before they’ve delivered value in other ways. I’ll take a look. Thanks for sharing it here!