How can we recover stuck funds?

The enthusiasm and momentum to recover stuck funds (eip-999, eip-867, etc) has slowed or stopped. I am not affected personally, but it is obviously tragic for those who are affected. This is an example of why I agree with Vlad Zamfir in his criticism of Szabo’s Law. Something must be done, but I don’t know where to start. Developers seem averse to even discussing the problem. To me, it feels like just a hand full of community members against recovering funds are enough to block any progress on the issue. :grimacing:

I’m personally beginning to rethink decentralization as necessarily blockchain-based. I agree stuck funds are a big problem. And I think the root of the problem may be too big for ethereum: what if we’re doing (a) identity wrong, and (b) even money wrong?

For example, in the offline world, loss of funds is much more difficult because the legal systems we’ve developed understand individual human beings as fundamental to issues like “rights” and “holders”. Ethereum and all blockchain-based solutions to money that I’ve encountered do not recognize “identity” as a basic building block.

Regarding money, I’m beginning to suspect that we (speaking as a blockchain fan) don’t understand the fundamentals of money. I read “Money: the Unauthorized Biography” recently and was shocked to discover how much of historical money does not necessarily involve bearer tokens. For large swaths of time, we’ve had credit accounts among peers, and that has worked well at the local level. Maybe we need to be thinking about how to extend what worked locally into a global system?

I hope those who’ve lost tokens can eventually recover them, but I agree that it seems unlikely given the structure and incentives of the blockchain system.