Introduce yourself!


Please feel free to use this thread to post a brief (or not so brief) introduction! Tell us who you are, where you come from, what brings you here, and what you’re excited to discuss. I’ll start :slight_smile:

I’m Lane Rettig. I’m from New York, NY. I’m here because I feel that a lot of the “social scaling” technologies that we’ve been using for a long time, things like nation states, are starting to show their age and that we should be having a conversation about what comes next. I’m excited to discuss politics, economics, technology, neo-humanism, and basically any subject that serves this goal (it’s clearly highly interdisciplinary).


Viva la ethvolcion. Jay.


Hey :wave::wave: Chris McCann listening to Lane’s talk here about the concept of Ethereans.

I’m an investor and live in San Francisco although I feel similarly to some of the things you mentioned in the talk. I don’t really feel liberal or republication, conservative or liberal, I’m American but feel more connected to the world.

Excited to see where this goes!


Alex Beregszaszi here (or @axic on github as more people know me. That “unpronounceable” last name is my bane.)

I am mostly involved with tech, but I have the feeling that we are building for the sake of tech and not for an actual goal in mind. I feel that this platform may be the right place to interact on such goals and steps how to achieve those goals.



My name is David and I just attended your DEvCon4 talk and it moved me. I think/know I can add to the community as my iconoclast perspectives can help to move the Ball further.
A little bit about me, I was born French but migrated to the US 22 years ago. Was a New York banker/ trader for 13 years. Quit that job that I loved for morals/ethical reason. Retired for some years then decided to become a Linux SysAdmin. Work that field for a couple of years then decided recently to focus on the greater good.
After your talk, I recognized myself as an Etherean and, as such, hope to contribute to this newly formed community.

David J


Hey yall, I’m Parker. Currently living in Brooklyn, Ny. Lane’s talk left me wanting to recommit to deeply thinking about my identity and how I spend my time. Who here has become a less-involved, less connected citizen since diving into Ethereum? Excited to help define what an Etherean is, and what outputs are inspired by Etherean identity


Enjoyed the presentation at devcon. Looking forward to were this goes.


Hi, my name is Marko. I’m coming from Croatia, a small country on the Mediterranean, you should definitely visit :slight_smile:

My passion is helping other people become better at anything they do. I do this is by encouraging a practical and pragmatic approach to problem-solving, raising self-awareness and consciousness across all levels of human activities and interactions. Blockchain and Web3 technology have given me strong faith that we can create a more just and equitable society. I’m highly motivated to deepen public understanding of such opportunity, educate people on the technology itself and a greater impact it has and will have for the humanity.

My background is in UX design where I’m actively working today. I’m open to discussing Humanist UX approach that should shape the products we’re building now for the best possible impact on a more human, decentralized future. I’m also actively seeking opportunities to contribute to any crypto project to get a better understanding and learn as much as possible about various technical solutions and help developers make better decisions when BUIDLling new solutions.


Hi I am Wanseob Lim who lives in Seoul.

I am a person who believe that Ethereum is socializing the means of production with decentralization. All we are buidling dApps on Ethereum and all the people are operating them together and get inventives. In a similar aspect, I think that open source movement is really important for decentralizaion because open source is also socializing one of the most powerful means of production.

So I am now doing a project which incentivizes open source contributions, and the name is commitground. This is a non ICO project and I hope that this project can help our decentralization movement. (The progress is little bit slow because I am doing this project as an individual)

Anyway I am really happy to say that I am an ETHEREAN.
Thanks for your presentation.


Hey I am ligi - working mobile things (mainly WallETH currently) to slowly fix things in the ethvolution. Really enjoyed the talk - thanks for pushing in this direction - much appreciated!


Hi, I am Zargham or “Z”. I do math things and run an R&D company called BlockScience. I am a PhD level decision scientist and engineer with 15 years of experience with multi-agent coordination research. My current focus is on analytical, numerical and empirical methods in robust token engineering.

I spend my time designing and evaluating socio-technical and economic ecosystems including using complexity science to better understand possible unintended consequences and the role of ethics design, deployment, analysis and governance in blockchain enabled systems of interacting humans.


Ask me about:
Dynamical Systems
Control Theory (mathematics of proving existence of and convergence to general equilibria)
Graph Theory
Complexity Science
Stochastic Process
Mechanism Design
Machine Learning
Swarm Intelligence
Engineering Ethics
AI Ethics


I’m Nathalia - from Brazil and now living between the US and Israel.

Most of my adult life has been about building bridges between tech and other silos, so I’m very happy to find this space!

I’m a systems engineer who works on social/cultural stuff and I’m especially interested in how technologists can take human/living systems vulnerabilities into consideration before simply aiming for BUIDL. I’m currently the director of Ecosystems Development at DAOstack and focus part of my time on our ongoing Genesis DAO experiment, where also discuss a lot of the topics mentioned here so far while co-building the project.

Some related main passions are living systems/complexity, philosophy, regenerative agriculture, the role of arts in all of this. Cheers!


Hello! Thanks for this initiative Lane, and thanks for presenting at DevCon4–it was refreshing & exciting, and I identify with a great deal of the things you do. One of the things I’m most proud of as an “Etherean” (I’m still trying that word on!) is how technically brilliant and creative this community is, while at the same time recognizing some incredibly ambitious ideals and goals that drive straight through the human condition and the hope of seeing an improved world in our lifetimes. We come from nearly every country in the world, and yet, surprisingly (to me!) we have so much in common. Our diversity represents the early realization of our decentralized, long-term ideals.


Thanks for the initiative Lane! Enjoy the presentation and definitely identify with what was discussed in the presentation.

I work for BitPesa, a frontier market (mostly Africa) payment and exchange. One thing that interests me a great deal is to bring increase penetration of digital asset usage/development in these markets. Background in product and int. development.


Would love to take this to the next level Z. Where can I pick up your brain on this?


Hey I am Ozan from Zurich, Switzerland.

I actually missed @lane’s talk but Rhys Lindmark was so kind to send me the link.
Great initiative!

I am a co-founder of Dezentrum, a think tank where we focus on decentralization and its implications for society.
We try to see decentralization as a societal change rather than the “just” the technological innovation that is DLT.

Therefore we take an interdisciplinary approach to broaden the discourse with disciplines such as sociology, philosophy, organizational studies, law, arts, ethics,…
We do research on autonomous entities (i.a. DAOs), digital commons and decentralized technologies in organizational studies.

You can read my take on “Why software-based agents shall gain personhood” in → The Advent of Digital Persons.

Looking forward!



I’m Austin from Manhattan Beach. I’ve been pursuing a project called Catallax ( for quite a while.

I wrote a book called Immortality that talks more about it and proposes a new set of institutions that I think would work better than modern systems. It is very likely nieve, but I need to put it all down so that I could start discussing it and poking holes in it.

Looking forward to any discussions on this topic and/or others. I missed the presentation that led to this forum, but will hopefully catch it when the videos are published.

I currently work for a blockchain foundry tasked with building a number of Industry-based platforms and market utilities over the next few years.



Curious if you could expand upon this thought, @Pakaplace! Assuming you mean “citizen” here in the traditional sense?


Hey dudes. My name is Alison and I am a writer/editor for ETHNews, living in Reno. My background is in English literature and rhetoric, as well as some social work (women’s prisons and mentorship for “at risk” kids), and I’m new to Ethereum stuff but stoked about the space. I’m still trying to figure out my place in all of it. I have a whole lot of questions and not a whole lot of answers. I’m here to learn!

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