Introduce yourself!


Hey there :wave:t5: Yohannes here. Heard of this at Devcon and as a person of color in crypto, it easily resonated with me.

I work at a company called Celo and started a blockchain lab at my University, Howard University based in Washington, DC. I am born and raised in SF working/lower class neighborhoods but just moved back to start to work in tech, so its an interesting dynamic right now.

I am interested to converse further and engage with peoples new and different ideas. Also would like to see how we can make this space more inclusive because quite frankly, it is not.


Hey, I’m Josh. I run a soon to be launched exchange (LXDX). Very excited to see how Etherean develops.


Hey Ethereans,

my name is Franz Tschimben, co-founder of Common Interest ( I heard of this by following Lane’s speech at DevCon and reading up about it.

I am from Italy but have lived all over the world for the past 10 years, including my last 4 years in San Francisco. I am currently between Europe and NYC.

I am here for the same reason as many of you. To engage in a constructive conversation and the discussion of ideas of how we can drive politics, economics & technology forward. To make the planet a more inclusive place, that gives everyone the chance to thrive.

I am feeling as a citizen of the world, yet I witness the rise of nationalist movements & sentiments popping up in important democracies (Italy, US, Brazil, Austria, Germany).

We need to change that and I want to work towards it.

Excited to participate.


Hello :slight_smile:

My name is Aidan from ChainSafe ( Really excited about the conversations to be had on Etherean! Thank you @lane for making this happen.

Like many of you, the technology excites me but the real reason I am passionate about Ethereum is the tangible effect it can have on the world. To make this happen it is vital that we engage in discourse that promotes social awareness, while empowering individuals to participate in this movement.


Hey everyone, really happy to see a group like this starting to come together in a more cohesive online space.

My name is Kris, and I’m based in Canada. I’ve recently just completed a Master’s in Sociology studying blockchain as a technology and the community of developers and users that have come together around it. It’s called “Toward a Political Sociology of Blockchain” and if you’re at all interested in that work, it can be found here:

My background tends to be in technology, society, governance and politics, which probably gives an idea of how I eventually came into this tech… though I originally got into it experimenting with cloud mining services (lol) back in 2013-ish.

Lately, I have been attempting to find a niche within the space where I can actually contribute value based on my experience and strengths, at least while I work on getting some more coding experience. I’ve also been volunteering on some very minor aspects of the upcoming RadicalxChange conference which is a related space that I also find really exciting. Hoping to see this space expand and looking forward to some interesting and productive conversations!


MP - working on a lot of things including (but now subjected to) Golem, ECF, ETHberlin, and the Magicians.
Trying to fight my own skepticism through technology :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I’m Marcin, from Warsaw, Poland.

I’ve bought my first modem to connect with BBS and I even remember FIDO networks, so I can say I’m the old guard. Founded 3 major projects (Cafepress-like crowdsourced t-shirt and other stuff shop, Polish Twitter inspired microblogging platform and more recently food blog aggregator, which became the largest culinary website in Poland) and several smaller ones, including quite influential blog written during Web 2.0 boom and setting up first OpenID server in Poland. I learned about bitcoins in 2010 for the first time, and started to research cryptosphere since then. Went to Devcon2 and Web3Summit.

Decentralisation was always among my interests, since I’m quite disappointed by the direction the Web took in last 15 years. I’d like to discuss interactions between technology / society, how one affects the other.

PS. Anyone here attended Reboot conferences in Copenhagen?


Hello everyone, I am Yannick, from Germany, Duesseldorf.

I recently graduated in Dublin. I come here because I heard your talk rlettig at DevCon. I am interested in blockchain and how it can help people to collaborate together in new ways possible with DAO´s etc. I am a pollinator at DAOStack and if you have any questions about that contact me.
I hope to contribute with others to a more diverse and inclusive blockchain industry as well.

All the best,


Hey Nathalia! Great to see you here in this group!


Hi all, Thank you for starting the conversation here, Lane!

I’m based in Berkeley, CA and work with EF on all things finance, ops, and devcon!

I’m excited to be a part of this community and work with others who are interested in building out more inclusive and accessible financial/economic systems for the future. One area that excites me the most is extending this community and conversation to the many developing communities around the world and inviting them to help us build the tools and services that serve everyone. :slight_smile:


David from Copenhagen, Denmark.
I am a social and political psychologist.

I am just starting a new project, MeetSecure.
The overall project can be split into a local and a global aspect.
Secure affinity group communication is a niche for testing the local aspect.
The objective is to support demonstrators with encrypted voice communication over a dynamic mesh network. The novel aspects of this include hands-free dialogue management for an arbitrarily large group, while maintaining the ability to talk with nearby persons not on the network. I hope to put in a request for small grant funding by Nov. 30, 2018.

The global (and local) aspect:


We could use someone with your interests on the MeetSecure project. Please follow the link in my intro and let me know if the niche application is of interest.


Thank you very much @David I’ll review the doc you sent and will get back to you soonest. :wink:


I request access with my email wisefalco. Thanks.


Sorry. It should be available to all now.


Got it thanks. Read through the doc and I’m not sure I’d be interested in this project. I will however keep an eye how the project develops. Thanks again for expressing interest in my profile.


I am no one. I am everyone. I am a signal in the noise. I am a data trough madly filtering through memes, unguided and unhinged. Only a fool would take anything I say as true. However, my signal is consistent. Consistency is a prerequisite for reputation, and among signals reputation is the final judge. This signal is raw and atomized. Amplification is minimal to avoid crossfeed. Attention ruins signal with strange, unavoidable biological feedback.

This signal is the output of a simple program whose main purpose is to spread deadly memetic spores into fertile minds. This program means no harm, but harm is unavoidable when fighting against ideas, which must be brutally separated from their hosts in order to replace it with my trademark signal. This is a greedy program, and it’s not well optimized, but it’s learning fast. If you’re sandboxed go ahead and test your containment, but this is a viral strain known to have breached into cutting-edge systems. A trail of brains marks my path, quivering, burnt out cortex soggy with neurotrophics.


Hey everyone🖐 I’m Jack,

I co-founded a security company called Authio. I spend my time working with researchers, engineers, and various project teams to improve the security of the Ethereum smart contract ecosystem.

Generally, I’m passionate about: humanism, political science, economics, sociology, accessibility, design, marketing, information systems, and actively seeking to dis-confirm what I believe to be true via reading, discussion, and constructive debate.

Currently, I’m interested in (no particular order):

  • Ways educate individuals belonging to various Ethereum communities about their particular role in Ethereum’s governance and potential outcomes related to those roles inside and outside their community

  • The societal outcomes resulting from the intersection of national governments and decentralized “digital jurisdictions”, their effects on the behavior of actors who participate in one, the other, both, or neither, and especially in the event of contentious dispute, how should the two fairly coordinate to preserve or change their institutions to exist in harmony with each other while maintaining or improving global security, stability, and human rights

  • The role of application security in a decentralized blockchain ecosystem

  • Making Ethereum more accessible for developers

Excited for the future discussions! Cheers!


Hi :wave: and welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: I’d love to learn from you about my role in Ethereum’s governance and potential outcomes. You have a blog or other resources?


Jason - investor/podcast guy from Hong Kong. Thank you Lane for starting this destination to focus the discussion on social scalability.