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Hi Lane. I’m Afri, from Berlin, and it’s long overdue I signed up here :slight_smile:


Why isn’t there some way to block people posting nonsense comments?


What sort of nonsense comments aren’t allowed? This is an open forum…


All discourse forums including this one allow the community to flag posts deemed inappropriate


Joshua Pritikin here. I’ve been a software engineer for years and recently earned a Ph.D. in quantitative psychology (a.k.a. applied statistics). I’m here because I’m keenly interested in designing the culture of the future.

I’ve become aware of many promising ideas that could benefit from greater testing or implementation. For example,

I’m limited to 2 links so I guess that’s enough to start :slight_smile:


Hello, my name is Peter. I am from Boston, MA. I am an accountant at one of the Big4 and I graduated college a couple of years ago. I help do the call notes for Ethereum2.0 Implementers Call. And I am looking to help contribute more to the ecosystem.

I got into blockchains for a different reason than some I believe.

I used to take the train into work each day. And, over time, I could see how sad many people were going to work. And then I would get to my office, and see how sad and empty a lot of people were there too. Over time, I wondered if the same would happen to me as well.

Day by day, I would stare out the window of the train going to and from work and think about the future. Are we on a path to be run by some corporate oligarchy? Are we doomed to have no privacy in the future? Will we become people that are so obsessed with productivity and money that we are doomed to a life of work and wage slavery? Even if no one wants to admit it and just chalk it up to, “that’s how the world works?”

On those train rides I would dream of a day where people could have the economic freedom to focus on more of the things they love, and in turn, start to love each other more. But it all seemed like a dream that would never happen. The problems are too systemic. And I fell into a deep depression.

Then I began to learn about blockchains. And have fallen deep in the rabbit hole for the last 13-14 months, learning as much as I can. Having no technical background, it has been quite the trip. And I have learned so much. And have so much more appreciation towards math, cryptography, economics, physics, complex systems, psychology.

I am passionate about Ethereum because I see it as humanity’s best chance to be set free. I know that sounds a bit far out and absurd. But I really believe that. And whether it happens or not, (or what being set free even means) this is the best opportunity I have seen. And, I believe, the best opportunity we have.

Happy to be a part of this community. And to help learn and contribute.

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Happy to have you with us Peter :blush:



My name is Lea and I am based in Prague, Czech Republic. I left my well-paid corporate career 3 years ago, took some time to think (actually, A LOT of time :slight_smile: and, long story short, in the end of the day I ended up working in a decentralized software house, where I happened to found a new blockchain-related branch of the company.

I am not an educated developer, economist, sociologist, political expert, … but I am deeply passionate about any interdisciplinary discussion related to the topics of culture of future, identity and decentralization, which can help me shape my opinion and widen my understanding of the society.

Also, I am a passionate traveller, especially fallen in love with the Middle East.

My pleasure to meet you all!