Is "Etherean" the right name?


Curious to hear what other folks think. Is “Etherean” an appropriate name for this community/movement/whatever this is? I can think of both pros and cons.


  • The vast majority of us consider ourselves members of the Ethereum community (whatever that is), so “Etherean” is an identity that resonates. We share many values with the Ethereum community.
  • It’s short and sounds good, at least in English.
  • The definition of “ethereal” is “extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world” or “lacking material substance : immaterial, intangible.” “Etherean” could be defined as “one who is or exhibits ethereal qualities.” These definitions resonate for me for two reasons: 1. we are trying to build something better, but the movement is still fragile. 2. I don’t feel like a citizen of any one particular place, and I suspect I share this sentiment with many in this community (I spoke about this in my talk). My identity and “citizenship”, so to speak, exist only “in the ether.”


  • This is about a lot more than Ethereum. We need to organize and brand ourselves in such a way that we appeal to anyone in the world that shares our goals and values. Most of all we do not want to be, nor to appear, exclusive: I don’t want people to think “Etherean” is some exclusive club for people in the Ethereum community.
  • Ethereum has a branding problem: when the general public hears “Ethereum” they immediately think “scam.”
  • It’s easy to misspell (as “Etherian” - I did register as well just in case)
  • The Ethereum Foundation holds a trademark on “Ethereum” (never enforced in the case of Ethereum Classic) and the names are similar enough that hypothetically there could be some confusion, although of course “Etherean” is a. not a legal entity and b. has nothing directly to do with blockchains. We don’t want to suggest any formal tie to Ethereum or the Foundation.
  • Easy to mistake/misspell “Etherean” for “Ethereum”; in fact Metamask automatically blacklisted the domain initially.

Projects Pushing Social Scalability and Social Impacts?

Just throwing a suggestion in the room: truthian


I think the name pays proper homage to the tech and community that inspired it, while not being inextricable from it. And I like the sound of it. That said, I did not read it as a noun as the -ean suffix in English usually is used to turn nouns to adjectives (i.e. “herculean,” or “caesarean”). I read it as being a descriptor of the line of inquiry in the forum being “related to, in the style of, or expired by Ethereum.”

If you’re going for “one who is or exhibits ethereal qualities," I think the -ian suffix is a bit more clear in the intent, (i.e. “historian,” or "Victorian). Personally, I just like “Etherean” better.


I personally think the name is too similar. I’d find something a little broader. I recall an older group called GameB that has some strains of this.

I’d suggest something less tied to one technological implementation but instead to the ideals/symbols/goals of the movement.

Maybe a “Decentian”? With a pun on: Decentralized, Decent to each other, and Dissent from the status quo. But I’m just spitballing.

Humorous choices:

  • blockhead
  • Movement name: “The Wei”. Members: “Weiyans”


blockhead gave me a good lough - thanks for this !-)


A point of reference, the FOSS movement is not called “Linuxeans” or “Ubuntueans” or any variant thereof.

Strongly suggest finding something broader.

“Cryptonians” isn’t so bad. Maybe something simple like “NewBlock”.

Regardless, going for Etherean will annoy EF management as well as make it harder to get non-ethereum people.


How about “Decentralist”

Focusing on our unifying principle rather than an operating system built to achieve it is more inviting to those who might contribute in areas other than writing code: intellectuals, artists, investors, activists, strategists, etc.

As far as I can tell, the principle that unites us above all else is the call of decentralization– that is, to build and participate in systems that decentralize power and protect against its recentralization.

As to the suffix, -ist seems more appropriate than -ean or -ian.


  • -ist: denoting an adherent of a system of beliefs, principles, etc
  • -an: one that is of or relating to


No, let’s not try to reinvent something here. “Etherean” is perfect on so many levels, everything else is speculative and won’t turn out good.

Why do you doubt @lane? Why now? :slight_smile: It is ok to question yourself but not to doubt. Doubt is a killer of all ambitions, it’s destructive and it means that you are looking outside yourself when you have to make a choice. Sure, you want to involve the larger community in this, but you should first question why you want to do that, what are the motives?

Go back and think about how you come up with the idea in first place? I’m sure it came spontaneously, without much thinking. It was that one moment that you had the idea after which you came up with the name. That is called intuition. Intuition is faster than the thought because it comes before any thought, and thoughts are very very fast!

Metaphysically and philosophically speaking Ether is a “substance” of which everything is made, in which we live, move, and have our being and out of which can be made whatever we desire. It’s a primary life energy. Without it, we would not physically exist. We are “Etherian” beings. Let’s not try to deny that.

I’m an Etherean @lane.


I agree with @marko’s idea. I’m also an Etherean :slight_smile:


It’s not about doubt. It’s about seeing both/all sides of an argument. While I love the sound/feeling of “Etherean,” as I laid out above, it is a complex, multi-faceted issue.


IMHO the term Ether is not exclusive to Ethereum.

We are basically going back to the roots of the Internet itself which was originally called Ethernet because it was a network connected through “ether”, referring to the classical fifth element in alchemy and natural philosophy (also spelled “aether”) that held the universe together.

It was also theorized in classical physics as a mechanical medium through which gravity forces acted and also present in Einstein’s writings as a theoretical gravitational field within general relativity.

In my opinion, Ether is a concept that is present in various scientific disciplines and even some religions as an invisible medium / field / network that connects multiple particles / individuals / nodes homogeneously.

An Etherean would “technically” support the concept that we all are connected through Ether and in a way we use Ethereum* as a platform for coordination between all of us in a decentralized, homogenous and unbiased manner.
*or any other blockchain network that fulfills the same premise

My other suggestion for naming would be “Aetherean” if we would like to bring some Latin origins back :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Spot on Pedro, and that’s why I was saying that Etherean is the perfect name. I wouldn’t go back to Latin roots just for the sake of simplicity.


“Etherians are the latest collectible in what is truly the world’s first decentralized game.” :joy:


I spelled it with an “e” not an “i” :wink:


wow, no way. that implies we know the truth, whatever that is and puts us in the same corner as conspiracy theorists.


Do you mean Ethireans? :smiley:


I do not think it implies this - more “seeking/striving for truth”


I had a random idea the other day, inspired by a passage I read in Sovereign Individual. It referred to the fact that, “Frontiers are democratic places. People feel themselves to be equal, and the early Americans threw off the class hierarchies of Europe." In many ways we are pioneering new ideas, new technologies, new ways of organizing ourselves.

How do folks feel about the term Pioneer?


How do folks feel about the term Pioneer?

I feel like Pinoeer should be something that people call pioneers in retrospect. Calling yourself a Pinoeer upfront sounds presumptuous to me.

I would feel uncomfortable calling myself a Pioneer. I would not feel uncomfortable calling myself e.g. an Etherean.


I’m using the working title Crytopia for my book. I suppose Cryptopian is another option, which conveys a lot of the same things to me as Etherean.