Is "Etherean" the right name?


Thank you so much for raising this issue so thoughtfully. I much prefer Cyptopian to Etherean because of all the cons you mention above around Etherean. As pretty as it is, it isn’t the best fit. This is so much bigger than the Ethereum ecosystem and I do think names matter. We are extremely verbal creatures and they definitely send social/cultural signals to others. Cryptopian feels super future oriented - which is good. And it has the flare of dreaming without sounding too fluffly by including reference to utopia in it. I think it could really work! Will keep thinking though.


Both of the following are true:

  1. I like the name.
  2. I don’t think it’s the right name.


That wouldn’t be good. Etherean should stay.


don’t think we could have come up with a more perfect name, tbh


It’s a great name - describes the feel of the community just great - but on a practical level, it’s also the name of a Christian group, and those results fill most of the first page of Google results…


Then we have our work cut out for us :slight_smile:


Ehumans … mabe any other labeling than the intrinsic quality of an individual of being human may be in time associated to yet another club
Human label won’t ever be contradicted
The upmost decentralization that can be achieved may go to the individual itself… collaborating with other peers.