Logo Ideas / Discussion

Hey everyone,

I noticed @lane 's post where he mentioned the need for a logo so I decided to take stab at it.

I threw together a rough mock up with a few variations of what the Etherean logo might look like.

Getting this community’s symbolism right is super important so I welcome criticism!

If you don’t have any specific design oriented feedback, your first impression is still valuable:

  • Is it good or bad?
  • Did it illicit an association with a familiar idea or symbol, if so what/why?
  • Do you prefer one version over another?
  • Do you think it should be totally different?
  • Do you have reference for what you think should inspire the new logo?

Look forward to hearing your feedback!

PS: If you have created your own Etherean logo I’d love to see them!

Current Iteration:

Previous Iteration:

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Of the three, I like the logo of the first with the text of the third best. However, as we are not intending to be ethereum maximalist in any way, do we want to integrate something so similar to the ethereum logo into it? Might be an opportunity to create distinction there.

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Thanks @Jack, I appreciate the contribution! I agree with @krisj here – as much as I like the Ethereum diamond, in order to avoid being too closely associated with Ethereum or misleading folks, it’s probably best if we don’t borrow anything from the Ethereum branding.

I like the sprout theme.

For now I’ve used an earth theme for the app icon/favicon - specifically, this powerful “earthrise” image. Feel free to play with that as a theme if you like it.

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ah I see, that is pretty maximalist isn’t it!

The logo is fairly generic and based on the existing name.

I notice the favicon is a distant shadow-covered earth, that’s certainly a more inclusive symbol.

Do you think a logo that includes space-earth symbolism would be more appropriate?

What are some things we definitely do not want the logo to include?

annnnd there’s my answer.

I actually have a few less developed logo ideas along this theme.

I’ll work a couple to a presentable state and post them here!

Happy to get this started!

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Thanks! Looking forward to seeing them :slight_smile:

I’d go with something without eth symbol.

I like the third one. Love the font and the fact that there are only 2 colors in the logo. Steer clear from eth diamond is a good idea but would be good to have a bit of visual link to the Decentralisation theme.

Hey all,

Here’s some new Earth Rise options!

My personal favorite is row C

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My pick is A2. I’d expand on that and try out few more.

I like row B! Cool! I wasn’t sure whether the three columns are just different treatments set against different background colors.