Projects Pushing Social Scalability and Social Impacts?

I’m just wondering if we can crowdsource a list of different projects that are working on these types of social issues within the space. I believe Lane mentioned Democracy Earth ( in his talk, and the RadicalxChange movement ( both come to mind.

I’d love to see some projects (or start some?) that involve concepts like liquid/direct democracy and charitable, common good types of mechanism design (example here:

Does anyone have any projects that they can reference that would fit in this stream?


I met a developer at DevCon who is working at (Colu Network). The idea is to help local economies by providing a local currency, and allowing outside investments (I think).

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Great idea. There are some, but maybe not many - and maybe in this community we can incubate some ideas or even projects. One that I think is closely values-aligned if not only about social scalability is OpenCollective (which incidentally is run by the wife of the Democracy Earth founder, @santisiri).

I’d also mention the various governance projects within the Ethereum community including Aragon, daostack, colony, and harbor - as well as Giveth of course.

Which others are we missing? :thinking:

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Happy to help in any capacity coming from … we could setup an instance for ethereans ( and experiment there. Our testnet is live on and we expect to be ready for mainnet on Q1 2019.

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I signed in via metamask. :slight_smile: Is there a faucet or anything to get some VOTE on the testnet? or an easy way to send ETH for some? I’m assuming the testnet is separate from the purchased VOTE through the website, but I can do that if they’re the same.

that’s awesome… no faucet per se yet, but you can post asking for $votes and is very likely someone will send some to you. we still haven’t launch on the main net.

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Awesome, thanks @santisiri will do when I have a chance!

Sounds like a great initiative. I’m very happy to support this. Maybe we could start by voting on a name? :slight_smile:

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