Saving the world with revolutionary governance! - Ethereans @ ethcc Paris 2019

ETHCC in Paris, the most shocking presentations for me were “Ethereum will save the world. Here’s how” by @lane

2 reasons:

  1. raising attention upon that there is nothing more contagious than an idea

  2. the melting nations’ borders as we know them by building a new society with the Ethereum blockchain

Also “Governance” by Vlad Zamfir. The same concern spectrum but elaborated on separate content sections with focus on law and politics. Playing with the audience’s minds to the extent he could. Awesome camouflage of ideas, very clear though not explicit. A good receipt for allowing the seeds of the presented ideas to spring infinite ramifications into other’s minds. A wizard?

Most important: both invited to constructively contradict the surrounding unnatural governance mechanisms and have the courage to change them with provably better ones. Is this saving the world?