Site updates / help wanted

I haven’t had much time for admin work on this site lately, but I’ve made a few minor improvements lately:

  • Added support for signing up using Google and Github (do folks want others?)
  • Added a site icon/mobile icon/favicon - you should now see a PWA-style “Do you want to add this site to your home screen?” message on Android Chrome (and maybe some other platforms)
  • Transitioned file storage, and backups, to S3
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing people from uploading files/setting profile images

Discourse has literally hundreds of settings and features and I haven’t had time to explore them all. Let me know what other stuff you’d like to see.

We could use help with a few things, including:

  • A longer-term plan for sustainability of the tech. Right now it’s hosted on AWS using some spare credits I have leftover but those will run out soonish, and it will cost ~$100/mo. to maintain after that.
  • Help with design - we could use a better logo, banner image, etc.