The key ingredients to a better blockchain, Part II: Decentralization |

This is part two in a multi-part series on the key ingredients to a better blockchain. I recommend starting with part one, [Tech and Protocol]( While decentralization is never an end in and of itself, it is a means to many ends including resistance to censorship, corruption, and collusion; antifragility; participatory, inclusive institutions; and a fair distribution of wealth, power, and influence. Decentralization is inappropriate for most applications due to its inefficiency and higher costs, but for those that do require it, it’s essential that the underlying platform pays more than lip service to decentralization. As [are we decentralized yet?]( likes to remind us, decentralization is [multidimensional]( and far from binary. A closely related topic is permissionlessness, also discussed in this part: allowing anyone, anywhere to contribute to your project, platform, or community is an essential part of the decentralization ethos.
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