What problems could you foresee happening in the Ethereum network/ecosystem?

I know there are a lot of things that need to happen before a lot of these scenarios play out. But nonetheless:

One issue I could foresee possibly happening revolves around the validator count. In complex systems, such as schools of fish or flocks of birds, it’s always those in the center that receive the most information. And that information then flows out towards the bounds.

In the future, information itself is only going to become a more valuable resource. And validators will be having the first crack at getting it within the Ethereum ecosystem. So, one problem I could foresee, is the validator count. Once the maximum amount of validators is reached (I believe the max validator count right now is around ~ 4 million, though I could be wrong) What happens to those that would want to be a validator? Would it be some FIFO method? Or some waiting list? It could be an interesting problem.

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also feel as though Twitter could continue to cause discourse in the community as well. And may be very harmful to the Ethereum community

On validator count, I don’t personally foresee this to be an issue because I think a staking market will emerge and the economics will sort themselves out - markets are, of course, relatively efficient ways to distribute information, discover prices and reach equilibrium. Once a large amount of ETH has already been staked, it will no longer be economically profitable for more people to stake, a lot like how POW mining works today, and an equilibrium will be found. Lots more on this topic at https://ethresear.ch/t/the-economic-incentives-of-staking-in-serenity/4157.

I think this is a fair characterization of the topology of most networks, including “decentralized” ones. Bear in mind that there’s a difference between “decentralized” and “distributed” and that even “decentralized” networks form hubs. My gut tells me this is something like the power law of wealth distribution: it’s probably a fundamental property of the universe that we can’t really escape from. And I think it’s okay – it’s way way better than the current, top-down, centralized hierarchies we have in today’s social networks, where all value accrues to the root node!