Writers' support group

Was discussing this with @rhyslindmark the other day and we agreed that one good use for this forum could be for folks such as Rhys and I who are writing, or planning to write, about the set of topics being discussed here (see more on my plans here). Is anyone else in this category? It might be nice to set up a support group of sorts–e.g., taking turns reviewing and critiquing each others’ writing, sharing notes and reading lists, etc.


I would definitely be on board with this sort of thing. Been meaning to write a ‘history is rhyming’ series for a while now comparing the decentralization movement to past periods of rapid social / political-economic change in the West – 60s counterculture, American Revolutionary War, and the spread of Marxism among others.

Having a group for accountability and peer-review would be really useful!

I am very interested in joining this support group. Together with an ethereum magicians ring, we plan on releasing a manifesto for self organization in decentralized development cycles (name needs to be shortened lol). Currently I started by summarizing our notes from the ring into principles similar to the manifesto for agile software development. Would love to get peoples thoughts on it! https://ethereum-magicians.org/t/ways-of-self-organization-in-decentralized-development-cycles/1713/12

I would love to offer any support I can to any others needing reviewing, critiques or anything else writing related!

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Also very interested in this group. I am currently proposing some smaller new pieces and adaptations of areas of my thesis to academic journals (which have notoriously long timelines between review and publication), but I would be curious where else others are proposing/publishing? I also have a small bit of work on Steemit (@krisj) and I engage quite a lot on twitter (krisj_official)…

Also would love to collaborate on a more open-source group publication of some sort if that would be something of interest to anyone.

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Would also be interested in the discussion and sharing interesting research reads:) I plan to pick back up on contributing to news/online publication this year. Particular interest in decentralised collaboration/development, the formation of common vocabularies/lexicon across global communities, and impact on "developing"market.


Also interested in creating and participating in a group geared towards more lively discussions, as ideas are best developed and explored through active discourse (at least in some of my experience).

I am personally working on a collaborative paper/project that, simply put, attempts to examine the architecture of power, of surveillance, and the impact of privacy on structures of governance. By looking at DLT in the shadow of Foucault–wherein the quest for creating digital Utopias, Dystopias can begin to emerge.

@lane Saw your book proposal and see lots of interesting possible areas of discussion and an overlap of reading lists.

Excited to collaborate, review, and critique each others’ writing!


@Kostas, do you have any connections to any of the surveillance studies centres (https://www.surveillance-studies.net)? I just finished at Queen’s Sociology with a loose affiliation to the surveillance studies centre there, and this seems completely in line with the theoretical backing there. If you would like me to put you in touch with some folks that might have interest in collaborating on this (aside from myself :wink: ), just let me know.